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The Crested Gecko

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A Day In The Life

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

A Day In The Life

A typical day does not begin until late at night.  The Crested Gecko is nocturnal and does not begin its routine until the sun has long passed.  First the gecko would slowly crawl out of its leafy den along the rainforest floor.  Next the gecko begins to jump from tree to tree in search of fruit and flowers. 



Along the way, as the gecko jumps through the trees, and small fly is noticed on a near by branch.  Slowly it begins to creep up behind it, until with lightning speed it captures it in it's mouth.  The fly is held in the mouth for a few seconds until it is mashed by the jaws.  This hunt continues through the night, and as the day draws near, the gecko returns to its leafy den amongst the lower levels of the trees and in the leaves.