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The Crested Gecko

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On this page you will read about the reproduction of the Crested Gecko


A Pair Mating

Like other lizards, Crested Geckos reproduce through internal fertilization.  Females are typically ready to breed once they are about 18 months old or older, even though sexual maturity occurs around 12 months old.  Once mating occurs, the male will mount the female, and internal fertilization then occurs.


Recenetly Born Babies

Crested Geckos are a species that goes through oviparous reproduction.  This means that once fertilization occurs, the mother will lay eggs outside of herself.  Depending on what the temperaure is, the eggs can hatch from 60-90 days after being layed.  There are usually 12 to 18 eggs that are found in a clutch.


Baby Crested Gecko

Once born, a baby Crested Gecko is on its own.  They are appoxitmatly 1 to 2 inches in size when born.  It has been debated whether or not temperature effects the outcome of the sex of the hatchlings.


Other Relatives

Hatchlings can come in all types of colors.  These colors are known as morphs and can vary amongs the babies.  It will take appoxitmatly 12 months for the offspring to mature and become adults.