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The Crested Gecko

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Diet And Food Gathering

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The Crested Gecko unlike most lizards, does not have any teeth.  This would in fact make capturing prey and chewing food a difficult task.   Instead they hold their prey in their mouth until the food is mashed into an ediable form. 

The Crested Gecko is actually an omnivore, meaning it eats both vegitation and insects.  Since it has no teeth, it tends to stay away from hard shelled insects, such as beetles.  Other food sources include fruits (bananas, pears, ect.) and nectars from flowers.

As for retrieving food that are insects, the crested gecko uses its stealth and speed to hunt.  It slowly will approach up on an insect, making sure to not make a sound.  Once close enough, it will take a great lunge and grap the prey in its mouth.  It will the procede to mash its victim with its jaws.

As for eating plants  and fruit, the Crested Gecko does not have to work as hard.  It takes bites and licks the nectar that is found in the center of the flower.  When it comes upon fruit, it takes small bites out at a time and continues to do this until satisfied.

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